Sewing Accessories

At Flare Fabrics, we carry top quality sewing and tailoring notions that help in any quilting, sewing, crafting project. You'll find essential seam rippers, markers and clips. 

Collins Blank Plastic Template Sheet, 6 ct
8 1/2 by 11, Blank plastic, non slip template sheets, 6 to a pack
CAD $10.99
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HEATNBOND Pressing Paper - 5pcs
Protects your iron from accidental exposure to adhesive!
CAD $5.99
Small Seam Ripper by Dritz
Long lasting fine blade.
CAD $2.75 CAD $1.99
Mini Wonder Clips, 20 pcs
An essential tool for quilting, sewing and crafting
CAD $15.99
Clover Wonder Clips, 10 pcs
An essential tool for quilting, sewing and crafting
CAD $9.99
Mechanical Chalk Pencil Refillable Cartridge Set
Essential marking tool for quilters, sewers and hobbyists. Chalk, not wax. Erases after ironing.
CAD $19.99
Removable Adhesive Seam Guides by Guidelines4Quilting, 6 ct
Resusable, removable guides to mark your sewing seams!
CAD $4.99
Quick Quarter Tool (8in by 1/2in)
A great tool to divide a square!
CAD $4.99 CAD $3.99
Press Perfect - Point 2 Point Turner Tool by Clover
The Point 2 Point Turner is a true multi-function tool that performs all of those functions extremely well.
CAD $12.50 CAD $10.99
Collins Fine Line Water Erasable Marker Pen
Plastic flower heads in assorted colours.
CAD $7.49 CAD $6.99
Collins Fine Line Air Erase Marker Pen
Fine Line Air Erase Purple- Bright purple mark vanishes in thin air! Makes a very thin line.
CAD $7.49 CAD $6.99
Collins Point Turner and Seam Creaser
Use to turn points in collars, lapels, pockets, etc.
CAD $8.99 CAD $7.99
Machingers Quilting Glove
Special gloves for machine quilters
CAD $11.99 CAD $10.99
Applique Pressing Sheet 13in x 17in
CAD $22.99 CAD $19.99
Snip-Eze Embroidery Snips 4 3/4in
Lightweight embroidery snips are great for hand or machine embroidery.
CAD $27.99 CAD $25.99
Clover Chaco Liner Pen Style White
Pen style Chaco liners fine point permits accurate drawing of both straight lines and free hand curves.
CAD $12.99 CAD $10.99
Bohin Fabric Chalk Mechanical 0.9 mm Pencil Set, White
This fabric chalk is water soluble and can be washed out or erased with any fabric eraser.
CAD $16.99
Bohin White Mechanical Pencil Refill, 0.9 mm
Extra Fine Mechanical Chalk Pencil Refill, White
CAD $10.95
Bohin Green Mechanical Pencil Refill, 0.9 mm
Extra Fine Mechanical Chalk Pencil Refill, Green
CAD $10.99
Artist's Color Wheel Mixing Guide, 9
Provides a simple visual aid for illustrating and teaching color relationships.
CAD $9.99
Sunday Morning Quilts Eco Pouch, 2 pcs
Zip it and go in style
CAD $12.99
Sewing Machine Seam Guide for Perfect 1/4 in Seams
Align your sewing machines's needle simply & easily by placing the guide under the machine's foot with ruler side edge along right edge of foot. Adjust needle so when it is lowered, it goes through the hole for the seam size you want. The mitered end is handy for piecing binding strips.
CAD $2.99

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