Fleece + Interfacing

Interfacing is essential for any handbag, tote or crafting project. You'll find fusible one side, fusible double side, woven, non-woven, foam- everything you need to give your project that professional touch!

Pellon 526FP, Decovil, Non-Woven, Iron-On Stabilizer, 17in wide
Decovil, non-woven, fusible perfect for bags, belts, hats
CAD $17.99
Pellon 525FP, Decovil Light Fusible, 17in wide
Decovil, non-woven, fusible perfect for bags, belts, hats
CAD $15.99
Pellon 911FF Fusible Feather To Midweight Interfacing, 20in
Polyester/rayon nonwoven fusible interfacing for apparel and handbags.
CAD $3.99
Pellon TP970 Thermolam Plus Sew-In Fleece
CAD $8.99
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White Buckram Support Fabric for Purses and Handbags
White Buckram Support Fabric for Hats, Caps, Costumes, Purses, Handbags, Emblems
CAD $6.99
Quilters 2-1/2in Grid Fusible Interfacing, 48in
Super comfy apron pattern, perfect for kitchen and Garden. Lots of pockets. Wide shoulder straps.
CAD $8.99
Pellon Tyvek, 20in
Pellon Tyvek, 100% polyethylene, waterproof material perfect for bags, or kites, jackets, even envelopes!
CAD $4.99
Pellon 725P Heavy Duty Wonder Under, 17 in.
Paper backed fusible web with double the adhesive of regular Wonder-Under.
CAD $5.49
Pellon 71F Peltex One-Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer-FULL BOLT, 10 yds
Pellon 71F Peltex One-Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer-FULL BOLT
CAD $103.99
Sulky Tear Easy Tear-Away Stablizer White 20in X 5yds
Soft, lightweight tear away stabilizer
CAD $21.99
Pellon 809 Decor Bond Heavy Fusible, 45
Pellon 809 Decor bond is a firm, nonwoven, fusible stabilizer that provides extra crispness and support. It is fantastic for use in placemats, director chairs, lamp shades, and drapery headers.
CAD $8.99
Mistyfuse, Black, 20in by 2.5 yards
CAD $13.99
Mistyfuse, White, 20in by 2.5 yards
CAD $13.99
Table Runner Double Sided Fusible Foam, 20in x 50in
Double sided fusible 20in x 50in table runner foam stabilizer will add shape and support for your next table runner quilt project. It is soft, formable, easy to stitch, easy to iron and needle friendly. It gives shape to bags, purses and other craft items.
CAD $17.99
Pellon 78F, Fusible Flex Foam, 20in
Pellon® Flex-Foam™ 1-Sided Fusible is a lightweight one-sided fusible stabilizer that is excellent for use in crafts, accessories, and home décor projects
CAD $12.99
Bosal In-R-Foam Sew In Stabilizer, 58in
Soft and formable, easy to stitch stabilizer. Needle friendly. Laminated to napped tricot. Ideal for handbags. Sold by the yard.
CAD $22.99
Pellon 72F Peltex II Two Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer
Double sided fusible stabilizer perfect for handbags and craft projects.
CAD $13.99
Pellon 71F Peltex One-Sided Fusible Ultra Firm Stabilizer
Single sided fusible stabilizer perfect for handbags and craft projects.
CAD $12.99
Pellon SF101 Shapeflex Fusible Woven Cotton Interfacing
Woven cotton fusible for light to medium weight fabrics. A Swoon Bag Pattern essential.
CAD $6.50
Pellon TP971F Thermolam Plus Fusible Fleece
Extra lofty needle punched fusible fleece, perfect for totes and handbag construction.
CAD $12.99
Pellon 808 Craft Fuse, 20 in. wide
Iron-on for crisp hand, added body. Great for Swoon Bag Patterns.
CAD $3.99
Bosal In-R-Form Single Sided Fusible White Foam Stabilizer, 1/2 yard
18in x 58in White single sided fusible foam stabilizer perfect for handbags and totes.
CAD $16.99
Pellon 805F Wonder Under White, 17
The original paper backed fusible web, 17 in. wide
CAD $4.99
HEATnBOND Sew-In High Loft Fleece
Sew in high loft fleece, perfect for crafts, handbags and home decor projects. 
CAD $6.99
Pellon 987F Single Sided Fusible Fleece
CAD $10.50
Pellon 906F Fusible Sheerweight Nonwoven Interfacing, 20 in. wide
An ultra lightweight, nonwoven, fusible interfacing for sheer to lightweight fabrics.
CAD $3.99
Pellon Stitch N Tear, 806P, 20in wide, Tear Away Embroidery Stabilizer
Pellon 806 Stitch-N-Tear is a tear-away stabilizer backing for all types of decorative stitch work including embroidery, applique, cut-work and monogramming
CAD $3.99
Pellon 70 Peltex Ultra Firm Sew-In Stabilizer, 20 in.
Pellon 70P Peltex Sew-In Stabilizer an ultra firm, smooth, heavyweight, sew-in stabilizer for extra support.
CAD $9.99

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