Ekokuir Vegan Leather, Gold, Imported from France
Ekokuir Faux Leather, Gold, 100% polyurethane

Ekokuir Vegan Leather, Gold, Imported from France

CAD $39.99
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A gorgeous Polyurethane (PU) faux leather with embossed texture that is perfect for bag making! Also popular for upholstery. To read more about polyurethane, read here. 

Manufacturer: Stof of France
Weight / Material / Width: 100% PU (polyurethane), 0.8 mm thick, woven fabric backing, 55 in. wide.
Printed in China

  • Fabric has a slight one-way stretch.
  • If sewing a bag to carry a heavy load, consider adding a light interfacing, such as Pellon SF-101
  • Make sure the stretch goes across the width of the bag, not up and down.
  • Our faux leather ships folded.
  • Unfold when package arrives and unfold. Larger pieces can be rolled.
  • Iron on low heat, from the back, using a pressing cloth.
  • Wrinkles can also be taken out with a hair dryer, on low.

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